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Vendor: Dapetz

1425mm (56") Bandsaw Blades 14 Tpi For Cutting Metal Plastic Wood

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Barcode: 5056042004228
Product Type: Band saw Blades
SKU: DP00522
Weight: 0.1 kg
Vendor: Dapetz

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  • Firstly, these 1425mm (56") bandsaw blades come in a convenient 2-pack, offering great value for your workshop needs.
  • Furthermore, their 56-inch length makes them suitable for a wide range of bandsaw models, adding to their compatibility and usefulness.
  • Notably, the high-quality construction of these blades ensures durability and longevity, standing up to rigorous cutting tasks 1425mm (56") bandsaw.
  • Furthermore, the finely spaced teeth enable smooth and clean cuts, reducing the need for extensive finishing work.
  • Moreover, the blades' design minimizes vibrations, contributing to enhanced cutting accuracy and user comfort.
  • Importantly, they offer excellent performance even when cutting through thicker materials, maintaining consistent results.
  • Additionally, the blades' efficient cutting action helps minimize material wastage, optimizing your project resources.
  • Moreover, their compatibility with various materials makes them ideal for hobbyists, DIY enthusiasts, and professional craftsmen alike.
  • Notably, the blades' versatility allows for seamless transitions between different cutting tasks, streamlining your workflow.
  • Furthermore, the 2-pack packaging ensures you have a spare blade on hand for uninterrupted work, minimizing downtime.
  • Importantly, these blades are easy to install and remove, saving you valuable time during blade changes.
  • Additionally, their reliability and performance make them a dependable choice for both occasional and frequent use.
  • Finally, with these bandsaw blades, you can tackle a wide range of projects with confidence, knowing you have the right tool for the job.