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Vendor: Dapetz

Heavy Duty Propane Butane 5M Gas Torch & Regulator Hose 5 Metre Plumbing

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Barcode: 5056042002941
Product Type: Gas Regulators
SKU: DP00394
Weight: 1.27 kg
Vendor: Dapetz

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  • Powerful Gas Torch: Heavy Duty Propane Butane 5M Gas Our heavy-duty propane butane gas torch provides high heat output for various plumbing applications.

  • Regulator Hose Included: Comes with a 5-meter regulator hose for convenient connection to your propane or butane tank.

  • Durable Construction: Heavy Duty Propane Butane 5M Gas Built to withstand tough working conditions, ensuring reliability and longevity.

  • Versatile Use: Ideal for plumbing tasks such as soldering copper pipes, thawing frozen pipes, and removing old fittings.

  • Easy to Control: Features a user-friendly design with adjustable flame control for precise heat application.

  • Safe Operation: Equipped with safety features to prevent accidents and ensure safe operation during use.

  • Portable Design: Compact and lightweight for easy transport and maneuverability on the job site.

  • Professional Grade: Designed for professional plumbers and DIY enthusiasts, providing reliable performance and results.

  • Wide Application: Suitable for use in residential, commercial, and industrial plumbing projects.

  • Complete Set: Everything you need for plumbing tasks, all in one convenient package.