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Vendor: Dapetz

HSS Metric Jobber Drill Bits 10 Pack 7.5mm Metal Steel Plastic

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Barcode: 5056042001753
Product Type: Metal Drill Bits
SKU: DP00275
Weight: 0.244 kg
Vendor: Dapetz

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    1. Precision Engineering: Crafting High-Quality HSS Metric Jobber Drill Bits.
    2. Versatile Functionality: Perfect for Metal, Steel, Plastic, and Wood.
    3. Exceptional Durability: Built to Last with Hardened Steel Construction.
    4. Optimal Performance: Ensures Smooth and Accurate Drilling Operations.
    5. Reliable Pack: Ten-Pack Assurance for Continuous Workflow.
    6. Efficient Design: Streamlined for Effortless Drilling Experience.
    7. Precision Machining: Engineered for Consistent and Precise Results.
    8. Multipurpose Utility: Ideal for Various Industrial and DIY Applications.
    9. Enhanced Efficiency: Reduces Downtime with Swift Drilling Abilities.
    10. Robust Build: Withstands Intense Working Conditions.
    11. Improved Productivity: Facilitates Quick and Seamless Drilling Tasks.
    12. Professional Grade: Meets the Demands of Professional Workshops and DIY Enthusiasts.
    13. Crafted for Performance: Ensures High-Level Accuracy in Drilling Operations.
    14. Diverse Compatibility: Suitable for a Wide Range of Materials and Projects.
    15. New Addition: Introducing the Latest in Drill Bit Innovation for Enhanced Performance.
    16. With their superior construction, these drill bits deliver consistent performance, allowing you to achieve accurate and clean holes effortlessly HSS Metric Jobber