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Vendor: Skill DIY

Mixed Sanding Belts 65mm X 410mm 20Pk 40 60 80 120 Grit Fine Electric Sander

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Barcode: 5056042013749
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SKU: DP01457+DP01459+DP01461+DP01463
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Vendor: Skill DIY

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  1. Diverse Grit Selection: 20-Pack Sanding Belts Experience ultimate versatility with a set of 65mm x 410mm mixed grit sanding belts.

  2. Precision Sanding: Fine-Tune with 40 Grit Achieve precise results with the coarse 40 grit belt for efficient material removal.

  3. Seamless Transitions: 60 Grit for Smoothing Smooth surfaces effortlessly with the 60 grit sanding belt, ensuring flawless transitions.

  4. Intermediate Finishing: 80 Grit Precision Fine-tune your projects with the 80 grit sanding belt, ideal for intermediate finishing Mixed Sanding Belts 65mm X 410mm.

  5. Fine Detailing: 120 Grit for Perfect Surfaces Attain perfection with the 120 grit sanding belt, catering to the finer details of your work.

  6. Unleash Power: Electric Sander Compatibility Optimized for electric sanders, these belts empower your sanding tools for efficient performance.

  7. Consistent Results: 20-Pack Assurance Ensure consistent outcomes across various projects with the reliability of a 20-pack.

  8. Easy Handling: 65mm x 410mm Dimensions Enjoy easy handling and maneuverability with the convenient dimensions of these sanding belts.

  9. Time-Efficient Sanding: Boost Productivity Save time and enhance productivity with these mixed sanding belts designed for optimal efficiency.

  10. Premium Quality: Craftsmanship You Can Trust Invest in quality craftsmanship with these sanding belts, engineered for durability and exceptional results.